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Skin Treatment Icon


  • Skin cancer checks
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • medical anti-wrinkle injections (for migraines & excess blinking)
  • stretch marks
  • facial skin cancer removals
Skin Treatment
bulk billed
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Allergy Treatment Icon


  • Allergic Rhinitis (hay fever), 
  • eczema
  • asthma
  • contact allergic dermatitis
  • urticaria (hives)
  • food allergy testing
  • Adrenaline Autoinjector prescriptions & Allergy Action Plans
Allergy Treatment
bulk billed
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Eye Treatment Icon


  • acute red eyes 
  • loss of vision
  • diabetic eye checks and diabetic eye injections
  • dry eyes
  • 4 year healthy kids checks
  • cataracts
  • general eye checks
Eye Treatment
bulk billed
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Ent Treatment Icon


  • blocked nose, mouth breathing and snoring in kids and adults
  • glue ear
  • recurrent tonsillitis and sore throat
  • hoarse voice
  • chronic sinusitis
Ent Treatment
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Need to see a Doctor urgently about an Ear Nose and Throat or Eye emergency?

Contact triage for same day appointments

Rapid Access Treatment
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Quoteyou'll pay less for specialist services, as we firmly believe in the principle that quality healthcare should be accessible to all.Quote
Collective Care Difference

At, we are pioneering new ways to deliver excellence in patient health care. If you have a health concern in a specialist health area such as ENT, Eye, Skin or Allergy we offer a unique collaborative healthcare team approach.

We have a convenient online appointment system and no referral is required to see our advanced trained GPs who will assess your condition and initiate the necessary tests with our on site bulk bill allergy, nose, eye or hearing lab services.

If your condition requires the views of surgeons or other inter specialty health professionals, our unique collective care case conferences gives you the reassurance of seeing your healthcare team connected.

The collective care case conferences allow your health care team to co manage your condition with their collective expertise – All in one room.

Better still, you'll pay less for specialist services, as we firmly believe in the principle that quality healthcare should be accessible to all. So, we have worked hard to maintain bulk billing for consultations and lab services and offer fair known gap all inclusive surgery for those with private health insurance. It was another decision we proudly made collectively.

We believe,
should be
to all.

Collective Care


quality healthcare, better delivered

We are Australian Doctors who passionately believe excellence in specialist healthcare should be accessible to the whole community and are determined to provide a better patient experience.

As medical doctors, our unique point of difference is our steadslow commitment to our professional code of conduct. As Medical students we were sworn into medicine with the Hippocratic Oath but we have gone further, adopting our founding E4 Health principles of: Ethical, Excellence, Evidence, Education.

We believe in creating accessible and fair healthcare services. We believe in not only an ethical system of care but also professionalism and patient advocacy. We value your time as much as our own. We value our patients’ desire for a fair healthcare system. We maximise our patients investment in private health insurance.

Our Doctors undergo continuous professional development to ensure we are delivering the best evidence based care to the community in the best possible way.

  • we believe in creating accessible and fair health care services
  • competent + ethical healthcare professionals
  • respect for patients time
  • we maximise our patients investment into their private health insurance
  • we deliver best evidence based healthcare to the community in the best possible way for the local community needs.
  • we commit to our care FACTOR project helping families in local communities get operations they need.

Our mission is to help our patients

get well sooner


Our labs offer convenient on site diagnostic tests such as hearing tests, nose function tests and vision tests. Better still, we have maintained our lab tests to be bulk billed. Advanced treatments in laser medicine and allergen immunotherapy and research trials in regenerative medicine are also available.

Hearing Lab


Our hearing lab offers bulk billed screening hearing assessments for adults and children.

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Nose Lab


Our nose lab offers bulk billed nose function tests, lung function tests and Rhinolight™ treatment courses

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Eye Lab


Our Eye Lab bulk billed comprehensive vision tests for both adults and children

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Allergy Lab


Our allergy lab offers bulk billed skin prick testing for air allergens. Skin prick testing for food and nuts is also available.

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Regenerative Medicine Lab


Our Regenerative Medicine Lab offers research and development into stem cell trials.

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Laser Lab


Our Laser Lab offer bulk billed and medicare rebatable laser treatments.

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dark side of skin care
The Dark Side of Skin Care

Sometimes dirty little industry secrets finally get aired. And the skincare industry is no different, outdated information which has fueled common skin myths and misinformation now have a counter attack backed by real medical evidence. Ultimately choice in skin care is up to the individual but ev ...

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As seen in Medical Observer: Australia’s health system is at crisis point. Here’s my solution.

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